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I've been handling personal injury and workers compensation matters in California since 1989. I understand the needs of my clients and pledge the following:

    *Attorney Accessibility

    *Client Education

Clients often don't speak to their attorney. Their questions go unanswered, and/or they speak only with a secretary or law clerk. I manage my practice volume and workload to ensure quality work and accessibility for my clients.


It's important to me you know the status of your case.  I keep my clients fully informed and let them have a strong say in how he or she wishes to have their case resolved. When there's a fork in the road, we mentally go down both forks so my clients know all their choices and potential repercussions. Then, and only then, we make a decision.


As a Sacramento personal injury attorney, my clients are often entitled to compensation for lost past and future income, pain and suffering, reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for damaged property. First and foremost, however, is making sure you receive the necessary medical treatment prior to settlement.


Working as a Sacramento workers' compensation attorney, I obtain benefits for injured workers.  You may be entitled to temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits and job displacement benefits, among others.  Again, receiving the necessary medical treatment prior to settlement is paramount.


If you've had an on the job auto accident, I can be of help.  As a Sacramento workers' compensation and personal injury attorney, I effectuate the settlement of both actions so you receive a fair and just recovery from each claim.  


Personal injury and workers' compensation claims can be a minefield where the goal of the insurance company is to settle your claim for minimum dollar.  Additionally, failure to observe important time limits can be a bar to recovery. 

In addition to the areas set forth below, I also handle cases involving Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  If you have been diagnosed with CRPS, due to a work or personal injury, don't hesitate to call.  CRPS is a complicated, and often misunderstood, medical condition.


Regarding workers' compensation, Milpitas Unified School District vs. WCAB and Guzman was affirmed by the Sixth DCA on 8/19/10 which levels the playing field a bit more for the injured worker.  This case enables the medical-legal examiner to render a more equitable conclusion regarding  extent of permanent disability.  However, more likely than not, the examiner will have to be asked the right questions by a knowledgeable attorney, one who is familiar with the AMA Guides and well versed with the physical symptoms of the client.


In summary, I believe strongly in protecting the rights of hard working ordinary citizens injured at work and/or involved in personal injury matters.


My practice focuses on, but is not limited to, the following type of cases:


    *Auto & Motorcycle Accidents                         *Workers' Compensation

     *Uninsured Motorist                                        *Defective Products

     *Pedestrian/Bicycle Injuries                             *Wrongful Death

     *Boating Accidents                                          *Premises Liability

     *Paralysis                                                       *Brain Damage

     *Underinsured Motorist                                     *Catastrophic Injuries


Call me.  See if I can help.

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